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Hina Aagha Ali Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Life | Hina Altaf Biography

Hina Aagha Ali Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Life | Hina Altaf Biography
Hina Aagha Ali Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Life | Hina Altaf Biography

Hina Aagha Ali, aged 30, is an actress, presenter, and Pakistani television presenter, actress, as well as a former video jockey. Also called Hina Aagha. Her birthplace was on the streets of Karachi on January 2, 1992. Her net worth of $2 million results from her extraordinary acting abilities. She got married to the actor Aagha Ali in the year 2020.

Hina Aagha Ali Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Life | Hina Altaf Biography
Hina Aagha Ali Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Life | Hina Altaf Biography

Hina Altaf Wiki/Biography

Full Name
Hina Aagha Ali
Birth Date
January 2 January 2, 1992
30 years
Actor Presenter, Actor, Video Jockey
Aagha Ali
Net Worth
$2 million

What is the persona and personality Hina Aagha?

Hina Agatha is a television actor who’s been working in the field for some time. She has created a distinct niche for herself. The gorgeous actress became famous for her humor. In a recent conversation, the renowned actress spoke of her concerns about not being able to connect with the people she has met on a professional level. She feels disconnected from people and has a difficult time communicating with them. She is at ease if she is with those she is close to and trusts.

She is a fan of a simple life and wears casual clothes and natural and minimalist makeup. Her style is elegant and straightforward, and she doesn’t seem too concerned about accessories or makeup. But, Hina is fantastic at informal elegance and elaborate makeup for occasions that require glitter.

Hina often speaks of her love for food and her enthusiasm for traveling. She is a fan of the travel element of her job and is looking to travel and explore whenever the opportunity arises. She also uploads beautiful photos of delicious food and fast food that she loves eating.

The first schooling from Hina Aagha:

Hina is a native of the city of bread in Karachi, the capital of Karachi, situated on the western coast of Pakistan. Hina was a student at the Beacon House School System for her primary education. Then she enrolled in IQRA University to finish her undergraduate studies.

Family members of Hina Aagha:

Hina Altaf spoke about her life in the popular YouTube program “Rewind With Sameena.” She discussed her complex relationships with family members. Her mother took care of their children after her father died. The incident occurred when she was just a child. Later, Hina and her mom went through many disputes due to Hina’s mother’s mental disorder. This eventually resulted in Hina’s decision to move out of the home and be self-sufficient.

Hina was depressed throughout the process, a problem that Dr. Alam assisted her in beating. She is awestruck by the work of Dr. Alam so much that she decides to tattoo his name on her. She has a close connection with him and considers him her mentor and father.

In May 2020, Hina married Aagha Ali during an intimate ceremony attended by family and friends. Family. After working together on a project known as “dil-e-gumshuda,” they realized they were the best match to live their lives together and later referenced the event as one of their own.

Awards were won by Hina Aagha

Hina Aagha was the famous second-placed in the TV show “VJ Hunt” on MTV Pakistan. She sparked a love for VJ among Pakistani young people. Later, she pursued an acting career and starred in her most well-known character, “Misal.” The public loved her on the screen.
There are 6.6 million Instagram followers on Instagram, and it is set to hit 7 million. Due to her expertise and popularity, she’s part of several film projects as the primary character.

Achievements, accomplishments, and professional profession of Hina Aagha:

Hina Altaf started working early to help and support her family. Her brother was finishing their studies, and her mother was suffering from an illness of the mind.

Hina Altaf’s TV career started with the show on MTV Pakistan “VJ Hunt: and she was the show’s second-place finisher. In the following years, she was a VJ on other TV shows. However, she made a splash by hosting her show Breaking Weekend.” She had a candid conversation with each of her guests on the show. Besides her role as VJ VJ, she also participated in various fashion shows. She walked the runways for nearly all renowned designers across the country.

Hina Altaf dramas

In the 2015 film “Maryam Kasay Jeey” produced by ARY Digital, Hina Altaf made her acting debut. Alongside Sana Askari Shagufta, Imran Aslam, and Hassan Ahmed, Hina portrayed Maryam in the drama. Hina received positive reviews from viewers for her outstanding acting on the show.

Then, Hina Altaf appeared in dramas such as “Judaai as well as Madventures (season 2),” but it was “Ek Thi Misaal,” where she was the character “Misaal.” Then, she played the role of “Misaal” in many successful dramas. In 2019, Kashif Saleem’s television film Judai was Hina Altaf’s debut in a feature film. Hina Altaf later appeared in the films Love Siyapaa and Terry Pyar Mai, directed by Saima Waseem.

Net Worth carried on Hina Aagha:

One of Pakistan’s top-paid and most popular models are Hina Altaf. According to our estimates, Hina Altaf’s net worth at between $2 million and $3 million. She was a hard worker and had a great acting ability, which is why she succeeded. She has walked in for all of the top designers in Pakistan. She is currently working on several projects, which indicates that she is on the right track to a prosperous future.

Hina Aagha takes dimensions of the body.

Hina is a well-known Pakistani actress, and VJ is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
She weighs 52 kilograms. Weight.
Her hips, waist, and bust measurement is 26, 33, 34, and 26 inches.
The stunning model often is on a strict fitness program to stay fit.
She also spoke about her method of observing the food she eats and opts for healthy choices.
On certain days, she sleeps from her routine.

Details of Hina Aagha:

Pakistan is the country where Hina was raised and born. Was raised. Hina is dark-brown with long black locks and is stunning. She is the wife of Aagha Khan. They have a great life together. Her YouTube channel posts videos and hosts an evening show for couples with her partner.

Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 4.”
Weight: 52
Figure Measurement 33-26-34
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black


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